Important Mattress Features You Should Be Aware Of

From spring to firmness density, in this article we will be highlighting the most important features that you should focus on and the ones you can ignore when purchasing and sleeping on your new mattress.

Before buying, also make sure to read our independent reviews that reveal which are the best mattress brands and which are the worst.

Washable Removable Mattress Covers

There are brands of mattresses that come with a cover that can be removed and washed.

If your mattress does not include a removable cover, you can also buy this type of cover separately.

Many people mistakenly believe that a mattress needs to be firm in order to be good for your body. However, that is not necessarily true. As long as the mattress supports your body- which is something you can find out about in our mattress reviews- the firmness of the mattress really is a matter of what you personally prefer.

When the name of the mattress uses medical-sounding words like ‘posturepedic’ or ‘orthopedic’ that doesn’t necessarily mean that the mattress is good for you or better than others that don’t have fancy sounding names. Any mattress can the terms ‘orthopedic’ mattress in its description.

In our mattress reviews we provide body support ratings. This demonstrates how well a mattress maintains your spine so that it stays in its natural position. To find a mattress that is healthy for you back, this is the best guide for you to use.

Mattresses that have spring systems normally are padded with man-made polymers. However some of them use natural fibres like wool or horsehair.

Having more layers doesn’t necessarily mean a mattress is better. What is more important is the support received from the springs. The construction of the mattress is more important than how many springs there are.

The quality of the spring is more important than the quantity. How the springs in the mattress are constructed is what matters and not how many springs there are. We have tested mattresses that have densities that range from 440 up to 1,085 springs. What we have found is the level of support that is offered varies widely.

Another thing you can do is check out our video guide on purchasing a mattress for more information on how to purchase the best mattress for you.

Having handles on the mattress helps with positioning, turning and flipping the mattress. It isn’t necessary to flip over many of the new mattresses. However, they might still benefit from you rotating them head to foot a couple of times per year.

There are some mattresses that are vacuum-packed in a cotton bag. This allows you to take the rolled-up mattress home yourself instead of needing to wait for it to be delivered.